Data Storage

Genesis Erasure Code presents an optimal solution for ensuring data integrity in storage systems. While Reed Solomon, a de facto standard, exhibits computational complexity with polynomial growth relative to code size, Genesis Erasure Code simplifies the complexity to grow linearly with code size, it breaks free from existing technological constraints, making it the ideal choice for future storage systems.

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Genesis FEC excels in error control for data transfers over unreliable channels, outperforming industry benchmarks. Its unparalleled capability to recover packet losses, theoretically encompassing all lost packets, positions Genesis FEC as the optimal solution, controlling the residual loss rate under 1e-5, with ultra-low latency (<1μs) and high encoding throughput (>100 Gbps).

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Genesis Code offers advanced public key cryptography algorithms with irreversible computation steps, ensuring private key security in the face of quantum computing threats. In addition to Data encryption, Genesis Codes offer an additional layer of data protection in transit and at rest. Featuring LPD/LPI and Lower EMS signature.

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