Data Storage

Data integrity is crucial to a storage system. Erasure Code is a better way than replication to prevent data loss while saving storage space. Reed Solomon is a de facto standard. However, its efficiency and capabilities are limited by its computational complexity, which shows polynomial growth in relation to code size. Genesis Erasure Code simplifies the complexity to grow linearly with code size, breaking the constraints of existing technology. It is the ideal choice for future storage systems.

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Forward Error Correction (FEC) is widely used for controlling errors in data transfers over unreliable or noisy communication channels. It plays a critical role to improve network performance. Compared to the industry’s benchmark, Genesis FEC delivers the Best capability to recover packet losses: It can recover all lost packets theoretically, even to burst erasure. Therefore, Genesis FEC can control the residual loss rate under 1e-5 while maintaining an ultra-low latency (<1μs) and high throughput (>30 Gbps).

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Public & Private Key Cryptography is the crucial technology behind the scenes of crypto and blockchain. With the advances of quantum computers, the two widely used public key cryptography, the RSA and ECC algorithms, may be broken. Genesis Code provides public key cryptography algorithms with irreversible computation steps, guaranteeing private key safety in the quantum computing era. In addition, we can detect any “manipulations” at data packet level, and provide cyber-resilience against any data tampering.

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This is just the beginning...

We have started this journey with great potential. We are looking for partners to bring this ground-breaking technology towards better data communication, storage and security. Please contact us for more information.