Genesis Codes were invented based on our philosophy from the greatest mind. In stark contrast to all existing error correction codes, we've embarked on a revolutionary journey to drastically streamline computational complexity and enhance data recovery capability and efficiency. Our encoding and decoding algorithms perform their magic with just a single digit of arithmetic operations per machine word. The innovative "entropy preserving coding" made a quantum leap beyond industry standards. This exceptional performance is a direct result of a groundbreaking mathematical coding theory that remains uncharted by current technologies. Not only is our algorithm simple and elegant, but it's also tailor-made for parallel processing, making it a perfect fit for FPGA/ASIC implementation and extensive distributed applications.

Computational Efficiency

- single-digit operations per machine word

- Over 100 Gbps Coding Throughput

Error Resilience Beyond Boundary

Entropy Preserving Coding

Infinite window of protection

error corrected

beyond coding window

Efficiency Flexibility

Low Overhead: No Data Flooding

Design Flexibility & Scalability

Entropy Preserving Coding

Genesis's proprietary Entropy Preserving Coding significantly expands conventional coding "protection window", providing unparalleled error recoverability. As a result, Genesis Codes can recover ANY quantity of lost packets, significantly decreasing the residual data loss rate to nearly ZERO. This is achieved while maintaining an efficient code rate to prevent data flooding into the channel.

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Simplicity, the Ultimate Sophistication

Reed Solomon codewords have quadratic complexity for encoding and decoding relative to block size. RaptorQ by Qualcomm achieved linear complexity, while Genesis codes, the ultimate advancement, maintain a constant complexity irrespective of data size. This allows Genesis codes to effortlessly manage large data without performance drawbacks.

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