Conquer the Tyranny of Distance and Unreliable DDIL Network

Global data-intensive operations face significant challenges due to long distances and Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, and Limited Bandwidth (DDIL) network issues. According to IBM research, the widely used TCP protocol experiences a substantial performance drop of over 90% when round trip times exceed 100 milliseconds or packet loss rates surpass 10%. For example, the round trip time from Washington, D.C. to a U.S. base in East Asia is about 100 milliseconds, exacerbating performance degradation in such scenarios.


Genesis Transport Protocol (GTP)

Genesis GTP integrates AI-driven data compression with a data transmission control protocol to establish a robust solution. In a data transfer scenario within the United States (CONUS), GTP demonstrated a notable 5X improvement compared to the standard SCP (secure copy) method.

This solution optimizes TCP-based transmission, well-suited for applications in favorable network conditions.


Genesis Universial Protocol (GUP)

Genesis GUP represents a significant advancement in long-distance data transmission.

Combining proprietary FEC with the UDP protocol and AI-driven data compression, GUP achieved an impressive 50X increase in data throughput compared to the SCP solution, especially during data transmission across the Pacific Ocean.

GUP is well-suited for applications targeting long-distance communication or under Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, and Limited Bandwidth (DDIL) network conditions.


If you have large size of data to be transfer in global operations.

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