Same good features as Reed-Solomon, and much more!

General Purpose MDS

Deterministic Data Recovery

Widely Adaptable, Scalable

System & Non-System Mode

High Correction, Low Latency

Powerful, Versatile, Efficient

Simple & Elegant Computation Complexity, Reduced!

Solid Math foundation & elegant design

Avoid complex matrix calculation

Super efficient for system with large number of data block & symbol size

Performance Throughput:

>3.5 GB/s per core w/o SIMD

>10 GB/s per core with AVX512

Parallel Computing, well-suited to ASIC Chip Design

Simple & Elegant Algorithm

Less than 20k gate circuits for a 2 GB/s throughput channel

Every Data Block can be calculated independently

Multi-channel parallel for higher system throughput

A Erasure Code for Robust Storage

In Genesis coding, data is broken into fragments, expanded and encoded with redundant data pieces (Parity) and stored across different locations or storage disks. When one or more disks fail, the data on failed disks is reconstructed using the surviving data and parity disks. As a general-purpose MDS (Maximum distance separable) code, it provides the most efficient data protection. 


Go beyond current boundary

Unlike R-S codes, where computational complexity shows polynomial growth in relation to data block size and number of blocks. The new Genesis code is a much simpler & elegant algorithm, the computational complexity grows linearly with the number of blocks. Therefore, Genesis codes can be applied to manage a large number of blocks with large block sizes. We have a MVP that manages hundreds or thousands blocks with superior data durability. ex: 150+15p & 1000+50p. 

Performance benchmarking

Genesis Code: GC(19,16): 16 Data, 3 Parity

Encoding Throughput: 6.8 GB/s

Decoding Throughput: 9.3 GB/s

Intel Pentium G5400@3.70GHz (no SIMD acceleration)

Throughput >10 GB/s per core (avx512 acceleration)

Big improvement over similar Reed Solomon Codes


If you are still using Reed-Solomon coding...

The world is changing, a New Era has begun in the Erasure Coding field... Are you ready to embrace change?  We can offer the free trial library to support your evaluation.