Moving Data To/From Cloud Faster

Genesis Cloud Data Migration

Are you tired of waiting for hours to transfer your data to or from the Cloud? Do you want to save time, money, and bandwidth while enjoying the benefits of Cloud computing? If yes, then you need our software solution that can help you upload and download large data sets much 10X faster and more efficiently. Genesis Codes has developed several technologies at the component level that can transfer your data to/from the cloud in a fast, secure, and reliable way. We offer a range of software modules that can be combined to create tailor-made client solutions for data transfer optimization. Our software works with any type of data and any data set size, and it supports data compression, channel coding, data transport protocol, and client-side encryption. Whether you need to handle big data, machine learning, video streaming or gaming applications, our software can meet your needs.

Enterprise Collaboration & Remote Workforce

Genesis Global Enterprise Collaboration

Genesis Enterprise Collaboration software addresses data sharing over the public Internet globally. It uses Genesis Data Transport Protocol, which can achieve 5-30X higher data transport throughput than TCP-based solutions on the same network. It also provides strong security for data in motion and at rest, with a Low probability of detection and interception (LPD/LPI) and data movement obfuscation features.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Way to Store Your Data

Genesis Resilient Data Storage Solution

Genesis Data Storage solution enables next-generation data infrastructure for any s3 S3-compatible cloud platform. It offers high-performance data communication across distances, robust data security, exceptional data durability, strong resistance to attacks, and low operation cost. Genesis Data is ideal for businesses that need fast, secure, and reliable data infrastructure in a hybrid cloud and on perm environment.