Recent Update at Genesis Codes

We apologize for the lack of update on blog entries. But there is no lack of progress. We are busy refining and polishing our technology, and we actively look for collaboration partners. We will change the world!

What do we do at Genesis Codes? We Move Data in Space and Time. Moving data from a past time to a future time, is data storage. Move data from one place to another, is telecommunication. It is not easy!

The hard part is move data, with full integrity protected, and ensure only the right parties have access, and bad players can neither get access to the data nor manipulate or interfere with the data transfer. The tools to ensure data is moved correctly, safely and rapidly, is coding. Coding is transforming data and add redundancy information to protect the data integrity. If data is corrupted during transfer, the redundant information can be used to compute to correct the data as much as possible. Many times, the extra information is still not enough to correct or recover damaged data, requiring the sender to repeat certain part of the data, until the receiver acknowledges all data is received correctly.

However, there is a problem with this conventional scheme of message acknowledgement and resend, when the round trip time to send a message is high, or when there is a high unrecoverable error rate. IBM has published a research on this shortcoming, see the paper. As a result, file downloading from a distant internet server can be extremely slow, and building low latency interactive internet application is hard.

We want to take a step further. We asked: how can we make the error correction so powerful that it essentially guarantees that the data is delivered fully and correctly, and there will never be a need to resend data? After years of research, Genesis Codes is invented. Genesis Codes is not just one single invention. It is a collection of multiple invented technology in the domain of coding and data protection.

Among other thing, the Genesis FEC is the first known technology in the world to overcome very long burst errors and still maintain a resilient data connection. We are talking about contiguous loss of several thousands of data packets, and each packet can be megabytes in size, and a receiver can recover all the lost data packets without requesting a server to resend any part of the data.

One of the implications is we can transfer data reliably and efficiently, leveraging near 100% of the available network bandwidth, regardless of the distance or round trip time. Another implication is that for the first time, ultra reliable digital broadcast to many receivers becomes a possibility.

Please do not confuse it with satellite TV broadcast or cable TV broadcast, which existed for decades. TV broadcast is easy, as individual receiver can tolerate occasional loss of data: There are just some random glitch on the screen, and does not bother the entertainment of the media content. But if we are talking about mass broadcast critical data that all part of which much be received intact, and no recipient is allowed to send a message back to request certain data packets be resend. This sounds like impossible to achieve. Yet with Genesis Codes, it is achievable. That is we raise the data resilient to such high level that chance of unrecoverable data loss for any receiver is order of magnitude lower, it is practically zero.

Our journal only just get started. We have a long way to go to change the world for the better, using our technology. If you are interested in our technology, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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