From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Fast, Ultra-Reliable Network

Genesis FEC can effectively reduce network packet loss (random and burst) from 1e-1 to 1e-6, turning an ordinary network into an "extraordinary" ultra-reliable network while maintaining an average FEC induced latency under 50 𝜇s. This technology has significant utility in many 5G uRLLC applications such as Industrial Automation, Online AR/VR & Gaming, Autonomous Driving, etc. It also improves internet video streaming performance and quality of experience.

Ultra-reliable, bandwidth fully utilized, negligible processing latency

Network for the Metaverse

The core criteria of a network: bandwidth, latency, and reliability have a direct impact on how we deliver Metaverse products and services. Genesis' solution provides a comprehensive improvement to network conditions. Through our stateless multi-channel broadcaster, data can be efficiently encoded and sent through multiple channels at maximum speed. The receiver combines all the received packets from different channels, recovering any lost packets, into a complete data stream. With Genesis' ultra-simple and efficient algorithm, both encode and decode can support 20 Gbps throughput with minimum hardware cost.

Global Data Transfer

Ultra-fast & Reliable UDP+FEC

Many enterprises need to transfer huge data efficiently and securely across global networks. The traditional internet protocol TCP has its intrinsic limitation, especially at high round-trip time. UDP is a light-weight and fast protocol but packet delivery is not guaranteed. Genesis FEC provides an excellent solution to mitigate packet loss over UDP, providing a reliable way to transfer data of any size to anywhere over the internet at lightning speed. We have solutions that deliver 20-50X faster transfer speed than conventional solutions.