Turn Ordinary to Extraordinary Ultra-Reliable Network

Packet Losses Fully Recovered !

Our proprietary Entropy Preserving Coding excels at recovering ANY quantity of packet losses, and reducing the residual data loss to nearly ZERO, and demonstrating exceptional performance in recovering burst errors.

Smallest Latency Possible

Lost packet is quickly recovered with first arrived parity, making FEC induced latency extremely small. To achieve uRLLC 1e-5 residual loss rate, average FEC induced latency under 50 𝜇s.

Flexible & Scalable Wide Applications

Any Packet sizes
Adjustable parity ratio
Flexible design

No data flooding



Cutting-Edge Burst Error Correction

State-of-the-Art: Burst Error Correction

  • Burst errors arise during network congestion.
  • Conventional FEC struggle with burst errors.
  • Current leader RS(544,514,15,10) corrects 150 bits.

Genesis Codes demonstrated the World-Best

  • Genesis easily repairs 2000 contiguous packets.
  • 1024 bytes/packet, 16 million bits are corrected.
  • A monumental leap of 5 orders of magnitude!
Designer (16)

Structured Code, Better Performance

a new class of regular LDPC codes based on array codes achieve similar error-correcting capability as the best irregular LDPC code with similar coding parameters, the new code can be implemented much simpler in hardware and much more efficiently in software due to its regular structure, with a potential 50X reduction in encoding computation time. The code thus has great potential to replace irregular LDPC codes in data communications and storage systems and products, including GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and short packet size applications.

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If you are still using RS, LDPC, Raptor, RLC and etcs...

The world is changing with this disruptive technology ... Are you ready to embrace change?  We can offer the free trial library to support your evaluation.