Enterprises’ Data Resiliency

Data Durability Solution

A unified data center solution protects data against hardware failures and silent data corruption using erasure codes and checksums. Genesis Erasure codes are fast and powerful to detect and reconstruct corrupted data. They improve data durability up to 14 nines with less than 14% storage overhead. These codes can also be used on Software Defined Storage with unlimited flexibility and scalability. The encoding & decoding throughput can reach 4GB/s per channel. Multi-channel parallelism is supported for much higher system throughput.

Storage System & Solution

RAID/Disk Controller

A RAID controller is a hardware device or software program used to manage hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) in a computer or storage array so they work as a logical unit. RAID controllers powered by Genesis Codes deliver stronger data resilience ( tolerate larger numbers of disk failure), better storage efficiency and faster performance than current RAID standards.

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Fast, Ultra-Reliable Network

Genesis FEC can effectively reduce network packet loss (random and burst) from 1e-1 to 1e-6, turning an ordinary network into an "extraordinary" ultra-reliable network while maintaining an average FEC induced latency under 50 𝜇s. This technology has significant utility in many 5G uRLLC applications such as Industrial Automation, Online AR/VR & Gaming, Autonomous Driving, etc. It also improves internet video streaming performance and quality of experience.

Ultra-reliable, bandwidth fully utilized, negligible processing latency

Network for the Metaverse

The core criteria of a network: bandwidth, latency, and reliability have a direct impact on how we deliver Metaverse products and services. Genesis' solution provides a comprehensive improvement to network conditions. Through our stateless multi-channel broadcaster, data can be efficiently encoded and sent through multiple channels at maximum speed. The receiver combines all the received packets from different channels, recovering any lost packets, into a complete data stream. With Genesis' ultra-simple and efficient algorithm, both encode and decode can support 20 Gbps throughput with minimum hardware cost.

Global Data Transfer

Ultra-fast & Reliable UDP+FEC

Many enterprises need to transfer huge data efficiently and securely across global networks. The traditional internet protocol TCP has its intrinsic limitation, especially at high round-trip time. UDP is a light-weight and fast protocol but packet delivery is not guaranteed. Genesis FEC provides an excellent solution to mitigate packet loss over UDP, providing a reliable way to transfer data of any size to anywhere over the internet at lightning speed. We have solutions that deliver 20-50X faster transfer speed than conventional solutions.

WAN Conditioning & Optimization

SD-WAN FEC solution

SD-WAN utilizes packet level FEC for path optimization and to repair dropped and out-of-order packets. FEC effectively mitigates packet loss so that network equipment can reconstitute lost packets at receiver of a WAN link, avoiding delays that come with multiple round-trip retransmissions. This significantly improves application performance, making Genesis FEC an ideal packet-based erasure code for SD-WAN technology.

Networks in the zettabyte era

FEC for Network Transceiver

Data centers continue to push the envelope of fast network performance in order to keep up with exponential data growth and global operations. The transmission of Ethernet frames at 25 or 50 Gbps may become the next network standard. FEC accelerates network performance to tolerate higher bit error rates, which will eventually lower the equipment costs. Genesis FEC delivers a over 9dB net coding gain with hard decision and ultra-low latency.